Are you in the red zone or have you become a green dot?

“Every activity worth doing has a learning curve. Riding a bike, learning to read, using Facebook… the early days are rarely nothing but fun….” Seth Godin is illustrating rather well different phases in learning: ” the red zone, is the gap between the initial hassle and the initial joy. My contention is that the only reason we ever get through that gap is that someone on the other side (the little green circle) is rooting us on, or telling us stories of how great it is on the other side.”

Read Seth Godin´s blog post here:

 I really enjoyed Seth Godin´s description of learning and change. He puts the spotlight  on the importance of  role models but do also acknowledge the red zone we all have to struggle through everytime something new is to be tried out. 
If you read Swedish you might also like to read this:  
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